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C/ Núñez de Balboa 17, 2ºD, 28001 Madrid, Spain


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Tel:+34 917254193


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Madrid Rent Flat - Who We Are

Madrid Rent Flat was established in 2007 as the result of an initiative by a young team of people who decided to dedicate their professional lives to offering high-standard residences through the creation of a collection of shared flats in the centre of Madrid.

The team at Madrid Rent Flat is made up of:




Shared Flats Manager
Nationality: Croatian
Languages: Croatian, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese 

"Hello everyone! I’m Tanja and I come from Istria, a beautiful peninsula in Croatia. I love to travel, getting to know new cities and getting to grips with them. Having spent time in Italy and Portugal, I have decided to stay in Madrid for a while, a city that never fails to amaze me. These past years, I had to change of flat often and I know how stressful it can be for you! I will personally take control of your search for accommodation in Madrid! I am looking forwards to helping you finding your home in Madrid!"

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Shared Flats Advisor
Nationality: Venezuelan
Languages: Spanish, English, French

"Hi, I’m Joaquín. I’m from Venezuela and I love getting to know new places. My desire to travel has resulted in my move to different countries. Firstly, I settled in Columbia, then later on in France, and after some time I now live in Spain. Living in such different places has allowed me to see new cultures and through my knowledge, I’d like to help you to experience these too. Madrid is a beautiful city and we’ll help you to live in an area that most suits your needs. As difficult as it is, I’ll use my experience to make your stay in Madrid perfect."



Shared Flats Advisor
Nationality: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, English

"Hello! My name is Rocio and I´m from Segovia, a town very close to Madrid. I love to travel and get to know other cultures. I started to visit other countries from a very young age and I lived in Ireland for a year, therefore, I understand perfectly what it means to look for accommodation in another country. Also, I have lived in Madrid since I was 18 years old, so I have lots of experience in finding the perfect accommodation. I have spent many years in Madrid, admiring it every day, therefore with my experience and with your willingness to get to know this magnificent city I am sure that we can find the ideal accommodation for you. I will be happy to help!"