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C/ Núñez de Balboa 17, 2ºD, 28001 Madrid, Spain


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Tel:+34 917254193


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Madrid Rent Flat - Prices

The rooms in our shared flats at Madrid Rent Flat are offered at affordable prices in the centre of Madrid.

1 - rent an affordable twin room in central madrid


Shared flats

On a weekly basis, our rates are:

Individual Room 175€
Double Room (Used as a double room) 133€ (per person)
If you would like to stay for an additional night or two, these are the prices:
Individual Room 25€
Double Room (Used as a double room) 19€ (per person)

For our weekly reservations, the tenancy starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday Morning. If it is not possible for you to arrange your arrival and departure to suit these dates, extra nights can be arranged on request at the prices quoted above.

*There is also an extra cost of 105€ per week if you would like a private bathroom. Subject to availability.



One bedroom apartments

Short stays (shorter than 3 months)                                                                       55€ per night / 1650€ per month

Long stays (longer than 3 months)                                                                         45€ per night / 1350€ per month